An Alpine day on Scafell Pike


Looking over Wast Water towards Great Gable and the Scafells

The Lake District has been experiencing some of the finest weather I can remember for this time of year. Cold morning, bright blue skies, crisp and clear, light breezes or no wind, and a very occasional flurry of snow. Pretty hard to beat really, just pick a route that will be in the sun and all will be well.

On Saturday I was on Scafell Pike with the Rowe family, a mix of seasoned hill walkers and not so seasoned hill walkers, but all up for a big day out.
From Wasdale Head we followed the regular route up to Hollowstones and continued on to Lingmell Col, by now there was a fair amount of snow around, but the paths were fairly snow free. We blasted on up to the summit, expecting there to be a cool breeze but no, it was completely still and for many this meant T-shirt weather! There were even lots of bare legs out up there!!

The summit was definitely a place to have some chill out time, the views in all directions achingly beautiful, these were some of the best views I'd ever experienced up there and I too was keen to stay for a while. Eventually a cool breeze prompted us to continue our journey. Back down to Lingmell Col, then over to Lingmell to tick off summit number two. Lingmell by contrast to a busy Scafell Pike, was quiet, almost nobody else around. After more time spent simply lapping up those views we began our descent along the broad and grassy ridge back towards Wasdale, stopping for a Hot Chocolate break part way down, mostly to savour those views yet again.

If Carlsberg did days on Scafell Pike.....

Big thanks to the Rowe family, a pleasure to meet you all.

The exceptional conditions proved rather good for photos too, so we sent a few over to our friend Mila to make them extra special. Click on her name to see what else she can do.



Scafell Pike summit with Scafell in the background


The final few metres to the summit

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