Early shift on Scafell Pike: 14th September 2014

Summit of Scafell Pike circa 5am today

3 trips to the top of Scafell Pike for us since Saturday morning.

Firstly Kate guided Becky & Lindsey via the Wasdale route. They were doing the 3 Peaks Challenge, but not in a major rush, so were able to spend a little more time enjoying the amazing scenery these mountains offer.
Good luck with the rest of the challenge.

And Kate again late on Saturday evening met a group at around 11.30pm at Wasdale Green.
This night ascent took around 5 hours, so pretty good going. Sadly, Kate experienced a punctured tyre on the drive back over the mountain passes to Ambleside so had a long wait for recovery! Back home now, but very tired.

I was also out on Scafell Pike, working for our friends at Highpoint Mountain Guides. With a strong team of 7 we took the mountain by storm, completing the round trip from Wasdale to the summit and back in just 4 hours. This rapid time more than made up for the 3am start!

I thought we may see sunrise whilst out, but our pace was too quick, it was only just getting light by the time we were back at the Hollowstones boulder field. Stopping briefly at Hollowstones to admire the beautiful crags of the Scafell range has been a highlight of tonights / this mornings walk. Simply breathtaking.

The mountain was incredibly busy last night and still many teams making their way up as we left this morning.

Thanks all.


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