How to climb Scafell Pike quickly


Great Gable and Scafell Pike towering over Wast Water

We've enjoyed quite a few ascents to Scafell Pike over the last week. Both day and night, but all have been in stunning weather.
A highlight has been whilst helping out Nissan UK in their bid to be the fastest Electric powered 3 Peakers. At around midnight on Tuesday the Nissan Leaf silently cruised into the National Trust car park at Wasdale Head. Only the bright headlights waking me from a quick 'power nap'!
From the moment I met Gareth & Dom, I knew they were focused on getting a fast time and second place wasn't going to happen for them.
We set off and I set the pace, a very rapid pace, heading towards Lingmell Gill. WE arrived at the river crossing in a mere 16 minutes, happy with that. We continued to blast on up Brown Tongue, through Hollowstones and on to Lingmell Col, arriving here in 1 hour. We reached the summit 20 minutes later and after a couple of snaps we began the 'flight' down!

With sustained speed and determination the team arrived back in the valley posting a time of 2 hours 35 minutes.

Whilst chatting to Gareth abut his training preparation for this event, he had done very little specific training, but had a high level of general fitness and is a regular runner.
But more than this, there was a strong determination and an unwillingness to accept second best. That's what powered this ascent.

This has been the fastest time I have completed Scafell Pike, and that's day or night. Fair to say we were all feeling pretty knackered afterwards.

I bid the team farewell as they silently cruised out of the car park in the smart looking Leaf. As well as a really cool evening on the mountain i've learnt a few things about electric cars.

Meanwhile, our guide Sam was also on the mountain leading the journalists from Autocar on their also rather quick summit scramble.

Big thanks to Nissan UK, especially Lucy and Gareth. And to Sam for your help with this event.

Whether you're looking for a super quick, or more normal pace ascent of Scafell Pike. We can help and we operate day and night 7 days a week.



Sunset / moonrise and Scafell showing off

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