Night shift on Scafell Pike and another 3 Peaks challenge


The river crossing en-route to Scafell Pike

Last night we were working in conjunction with Cambridge Coaches to help a US Airforce team complete the 3 Peaks Challenge.
After a big day on Ben Nevis the team were a little tired but highly motivated to get started on Scafell Pike.

Weather conditions were poor but workable, although the forecast was for a rapid deterioration through the night. We had to keep in mind the crucial river crossing if the rains did become very heavy.

Setting off soon after 11pm it was head torches on from the word go. Progress was good and steady, we clearly had a strong team with us, and even as the rain become heavy spirits remained high showing strong mental conditions amongst the team, always good.

Shortly before Lingmell Col a couple of the team decided they'd had enough and were simply too tired to continue. After a short chat with everyone there were 4 that joined the returning party and I began the descent with them whilst Will continued onwards and upwards with a super strong and fast team of 11. Splitting a team to give such a large ratio when on a night walk is a difficult decision for us and meant that I needed to be thinking of getting back up the mountain to support Will and the team as soon as possible.

Thankfully the weather abated and we started to dry off. I left the returning team within stones throw of base and raced back up the mountain, reaching the advanced party just below the Hollow Stones boulder field. All were still in super high spirits and flying down the mountain. Rain mostly stayed light and the river level was maybe even a little lower on our return crossing.

We were all safely back at Wasdale Head 4 hours and 15 minutes after setting off. As it was the early hours of the morning we were all suitably knackered, but happy to have this one in the bag.

It's been a pleasure to work alongside the US Airforce and Cambridge Coaches - thanks all 🙂 A quick plug here for Cambridge Coaches. They have a number of Sleeper coaches so no need for accommodation during a 3 Peaks and it's far more comfortable than being on a minibus. The 3 Peaks Challenge feels tough enough for most people, so why not enjoy some extra rest and comfort and give these folks a call to get a quote.

Thanks too to Will for top quality guiding and customer care throughout the early hours of the morning.

We're soon to make our winter trip to Costa Blanca, Spain and can offer guided walks and more activities there. But rest assured, we are still arranging Scafell Pike days and nights throughout the autumn and winter.

Thanks for reading

Mark & Kate

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