Frequently Asked Questions

How high is Scafell Pike?

978m - this means it is the smallest of the 3 Peaks, but most consider it the most challenging.

How long does the walk take?

This depends on many factors. As a guideline, if starting from Wasdale Head, between 5 & 6 hours in total is sufficient for a round trip. If choosing one of the longer routes from Langdale or Borrowdale, 8 or 9 hours is not uncommon.

Is it a difficult mountain to climb?

Due to the rocky nature of the mountain, many consider this to be a challenging day. Whichever starting point is used, there will be steep ascents for extended periods and often on rough terrain. If you are fit and determined, it is very achievable though.

Is Scafell Pike suitable for kids?

This is a question we are often asked. It is a tricky one to answer as it's not clear cut. In short, it can be. Many youngsters have a great day on Scafell Pike and love the satisfaction gained from the achievement.

More about taking youngsters on mountain days here.

What equipment should I take?

We have outlined a few essentials below. Exactly what you take is personal choice. But we would strongly recommend always having full waterproofs even if the weather is amazing.

Is it necessary to hire a guide?

No it isn't. Lots of people choose to walk without a guide and this is completely fine. There are numerous benefits a guide can offer and we think it is worth considering. Just a few of these benefits include:

  • A guide takes care of the route planning
  • Will navigate safely through the varied terrain
  • Can easily divert to other routes/mountains if needed
  • Will always carry safety equipment including a First Aid Kit and Storm Shelter
  • Can advise on the best route for you / your group
  • Will show points of interest and share knowledge throughout the day
  • Can advise on progress, what's coming next, and how much further to go
What is the weather like?

It's no secret the Lake District is quite a damp part of the world. And  Scafell Pike is the wettest part of the Lake District. In short, it rains a lot. The western mountains here in Cumbria create their own weather systems and warm air arriving off the Irish Sea will rise, cool, condense and rain. This makes the region stunningly beautiful with an abundance of colour and many water features, including big waterfalls. There are plenty of pleasantly dry days too though.

The temperature on the summit is typically 10C cooler than in the valley. So warm clothing is always needed.

Am I fit enough?

A good level of fitness is required. A day on Scafell Pike will consist of approximately 4 - 8 hours of mountain walking. You need to feel comfortable carrying a small day-sack and walking for extended periods and during adverse weather conditions. Complete some training walks before you arrive. Time invested in training will add to your enjoyment of the day.

I'm new to mountain walking, is this a good mountain to begin with?

It isn't the ideal first mountain! Scafell Pike is very rocky and very steep.  Walk some of the lower and easier mountains first, this will enable your body to cope better when you do. Walking for 10 miles on undulating terrain or smaller hills is incomparable to even a 5 mile walk on Scafell Pike, this is much tougher. We can arrange guided walks on any Lakeland mountains.

Where do we meet?

This is flexible and full details will be sent out at time of booking.

What to wear / bring

Waterproof jacket - ideally with taped seams. A lightweight cagoule will not be sufficient to keep out heavy rain.

Waterproof over-trousers - as above.

Lightweight / quick drying walking trousers. Not jeans or anything similar to jeans.

Fleece jacket / top.

Wicking / quick drying ‘sports’ t-shirt or similar. As a base layer.

Hat and gloves - at least 1 set per person. During the cooler months, please bring 2 sets per person.

Hiking boots with ankle support - these should be well fitting and in good condition with plenty of tread depth.

Food and water - a minimum of 1 litre per person.

A small / medium sized backpack to carry essentials.

Personal medical supplies - for example, if any participants are prescribed an inhaler for Asthma, this must be carried during the walk.

What if we need to cancel?

We will do our best to find another suitable date that’s convenient for you. Should this not be possible we will offer a full refund (minus a £50 administration fee) if you provide us with at least 30 days notice. Less than 30 days notice and we may observe the right to retain any deposit towards the activity. In the unlikely event we need to cancel an activity, an alternative date or full refund will be offered.

Kit List

For Mountain Activities:
  • Waterproof jacket & over trousers 
  • Hat & gloves 
  • Warm clothing 
  • Walking boots / sturdy footwear
  • Packed lunch & snacks 
  • Water – at least 1 litre 
  • Backpack suitable for carrying the above kit 
  • Personal medication (if applicable) 
  • Camera

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