Navigation Skills Training - 1 & 2 day

Navigation Skills Training - 1 & 2 day

The image you see above is the view from the summit of Red Screes, taken during a late afternoon / early evening walk. It's what we always hope the views will be like.

Days like this make navigating in the mountains pretty straightforward. But it’s not always like this, and even days that start out sunny can turn cloudy very quickly. That’s when knowing how to navigate properly is crucial to having a successful and safe day out in the mountains.

These courses are designed to give you increased confidence to do this via practical learning in the mountain environment.

During the course you will learn how to read & interpret an Ordnance Survey map, enabling for far greater scope during future walking days, be they on footpaths or on wilder terrain.

Once you’re comfortable using the map, we’ll introduce the compass. This brings even more precision, is surprisingly easy to use and it can be very quick to pick up these essential skills. It is the compass we use to take and walk on bearings. Starting with easy features, we’ll soon have you finding things on the map and ground you may previously wouldn’t have believed even existed!

Navigating in the mountains isn’t a ‘dark and mystical art’, and can be a lot of fun. With practice anyone can become really very good.

Should I book a 1 or 2 day course?
For complete beginners we recommend 2 days. If you already have some knowledge of map & compass and how to use them, one day may be sufficient. We are usually able to cover all aspects of the course on day 1 with day 2 being a consolidation and question asking day, whilst getting in loads of practice. Day 2 will always be on more complex terrain too. If unsure, please call / e-mail us to discuss further.

Areas Covered

  • Orientating a map
  • Identifying topographical features
  • Measuring distances with pacing & timing techniques
  • Using map & compass together
  • Taking a bearing and walking on it
  • Aiming off & attack points
  • Mountain weather, including storms, fronts, and wind factors
  • Route choice – considering weather conditions


Whilst this may sound like a lot – it is – you will be amazed at how quickly these skills are learnt and soon you will be using them to great effect in the mountains. It’s lots of fun and constantly interesting as well as informative.

With enhanced navigational skills you will be able to move confidently through the mountains, so what are you waiting for? Give us a call to book your place now.

What We Offer

  • All technical and safety equipment including the latest maps and Silva compasses
  • Highly experienced guides and instructors
  • A bespoke itinerary​​

rainbow in langdales

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Whilst a decent level of fitness is needed, we won’t be covering large distances. We move more slowly than during a regular hill walk. The days will be long, approximately 6 – 8 hours of intermittent mountain walking. You need to feel comfortable carrying a small day-sack and walking for extended periods and during adverse weather conditions.

The weather in the mountains of the British Isles can be unpredictable. If we’re lucky it’ll be just great! However, it’s best plan for wind & rain just in case.

This trip involves travel to mountainous areas where a short notice change of itinerary may be necessary. The details of the itinerary may be altered to suit participants, the weather, or for any other reason deemed necessary.

£75 per person per day – based on a minimum of 2 participants

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