Scafell Pike for families with youngsters


Embracing the joy of being in the mountains - image courtesy of Hayley Webb

We are asked fairly regularly if it's okay to take youngsters to the summit of Scafell Pike. The answer is rarely straightforward, it depends!

The 9 year old in the photo above had a brilliant day up there recently. As you can see, the weather isn't being kind, but everyone was properly equipped to deal with the inclement weather. We don't have specific age limits for our activities, rather we will discuss the options with parents and make recommendations. Some youngsters will be very happy to walk up these summits even from around age 6, others will take a little longer, and for some people they will never want to walk in these beautiful mountains, we are all different after all.

An active youngster who wants to reach a summit, we would encourage them every step of the way. The sense of achievement, the self learning, the environmental awareness that comes, is all invaluable for them. Think of a day in the mountains like a school without walls, where learning can be loads of fun and exciting, but above all, there will be memories to treasure for many years.

Having correct clothing (and plenty of it), lots of tasty food, snacks, drinks, and let's not forget sweets, all help.
A really cheap, thin 'waterproof' may not provide the level of protection required when in the mountains on a rainy day. So go a notch up, make sure everyone has a jacket that works.
Waterproof trousers are a necessity too, it's okay for these to be a little more on the cheap side as they aren't protecting the core body temperature.
Hiking boots need to fit and be comfortable. It's surprising how often this isn't the case!
Plenty of warm layers for youngsters, they get cold very quickly. But having the right clothing helps prevent this.
Hat and gloves, yes even in the middle of summer. The mountains can be chilly.
A sun hat and suncream if the big orb in the sky might show itself - yes it sometimes does...honest 😉
Oh and did I mention sweets, ah yes I did. Don't forget the Haribo!

If you're considering taking your kids hiking in the mountains of the Lake District and want any advice about it, please do let us know, we'll help if we can.
And if you would prefer to have a guide for a day, to help with logistics, organising, route choice, and navigation, as well as keeping everyone safe and happy, please give us a call about that too. We'll do our best to make a plan for you.  

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Mark & Kate

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