3 Peaks Challenge – Scafell Pike

An early in the season hike up Scafell Pike for us, whilst guiding this fine team from T K Maxx head office.

They had originally chosen to do the 3 Peaks Challenge even earlier in the year, but had delayed things until now, good thinking.

Their ascent of Ben Nevis sounded amazing, with clear blue skies and those big 'Scottish' views that go on for ever. A rare day indeed for the West coast of Scotland.

Arriving at Wasdale Head around 9pm the team were feeling tired but ready for what lay ahead. They had taken the opportunity to have a hot meal en-route, something we'd always recommend and will make a big difference to energy levels and moral.

Wasdale was also offering stunning views, albeit night-time panoramas rather than the blue skies experienced earlier. During the ascent we needed to make regular stops to enjoy the stars above, countless millions of them made for a glorious night.
If that wasn't enough, we witnessed a number of shooting stars too.

So that's a completely clear sky, shooting stars, cool temperatures, no wind, and small amounts of snow to add a touch of 'Alpine-ness' - feeling lucky? Oh yes. These conditions are rare on Scafell Pike, visibility is more typically less than 20 metres no matter how good your head torch is (they don't penetrate through mist / cloud).

A group of guys set off about 20 minutes before us from Wasdale, we later saw them at Mickledore - shining their torches all over the place and looking lost - when then think we saw them trying to descend from between Scafell Pike & Broad Crag. So a few navigational mistakes going on there, hopefully all it cost them was time. But this is a serious place, and in the dark, even in good visibility the ability to use a map & compass is essential for safety.

And if you're unsure about map & compass, consider hiring a guide. Our fees are very reasonable and we take all the strain of route finding leaving you to enjoy the walk.

So a big well done to T K Maxx - we hope more fine weather follows you to the summit of Snowdon and may the cafe be open for you!

Mark & Kate

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