An early night

This evening I was working for our friends Kate & Ross at RAW Adventures. Kate had a full 3 Peaks Challenge event organised and was guiding all 3 peaks herself, with the help of an additional local guide for each mountain.

After a very early start on Ben Nevis, I think just before 6am! The team arrived at Wasdale Head a little before 6.30pm and were raring to go. The weather was set to be good until around 9pm, so we had luck on our side.

I summited with the lead group at around 8.30pm and in full daylight, so views we quite incredible. The wind chill stopped us staying up there too long though, a real biting North-Westerly was blowing!

A few minutes into our descent and another member of the team appeared, a short way ahead of Kate, and asked if i'd take her up to the summit. Why not, summiting twice in one evening is quite a rarity for me, and besides it was much quieter second time around.

We beat a hasty retreat from the windy summit as the cloud began to swirl. Soon the drizzle came, but who cares, we were on our way down and soon enough back in the comfort and shelter of the valley having completed most of the walk without the need for a head torch - bonus.

Big thanks to Kate at RAW Adventures and the great team she brought along. Hope you all did well on Snowdon.


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