Back to Back trips up Scafell Pike


A moody afternoon in Wasdale

The last couple of days has served up a double helping of Scafell Pike. Firstly on Tuesday with Team Nomad and again yesterday with Gary.
On Monday I had been Gorge Scrambling with Team Nomad, and we had pretty ideal conditions for it too, with a wet morning but giving way to a brighter afternoon - see photo above.

Tuesday brought yet more excellent conditions for an ascent of Scafell Pike. Cool and clear, in the valley at least! We took the regular route from Wasdale Head up to Lingmell Col and on to the summit. We enjoyed spectacular views for a while, but were shrouded in thick cloud on the summit. So no summit views, but it wasn't long before we were surrounded by stunning panoramas once more, making it all even more worthwhile.

Wednesday morning saw us back in Wasdale, this to with regular Lakeland walker Gary. He hadn't made it up Scafell Pike before and was keen to change that. The forecast was for a damp morning but improving throughout the day. However, we saw no rain all day which was a pleasant surprise. This time we turned right at the Hollow Stones junction and headed on up to Mickledore, taking in the drama of the Scafell crags along the way. There was water gushing everywhere after torrential overnight rain. 
There were mini waterfalls flowing down the gully below Mickledore, this added to our fun as we climbed up to the col. As it was a windy day we expected to get a buffeting at the col, but it was actually really calm. We had arrived here in thick cloud but slowly the cloud began to lift to show off the huge crags of Scafell and we enjoyed a wonderful light show over Eskdale as sun broke through the clouds and landed on the wet ground of The Great Moss. Right now I was feeling pretty lucky.
We continued on up through the boulders to the summit. It was super chilly up there so we didn't hang around too long, just time for a few snaps and a refuel.
Our return walk was via Lingmell Col, in thick mist for a few minutes before coming back out into the light and glorious views.
Crossing back over Lingmell Gill was slightly easier on our descent, but only slightly. Overnight rain had clearly been heavy and prolonged. I had expected wet feet after crossing this, but thankfully my boots kept the water at bay. For those equipped with trainers they would have had wet and cold feet without doubt. Gary had gone one step further and was wearing waterproof socks too! Something I may invest in soon.

A fab few days, thanks all 🙂



Even when the weather is clear and warm in the valley the summit can look like this!


Descending back into glorious conditions

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