Best Route to Scafell Pike – Resilience in the mountains


Best Route to Scafell Pike - the summit from Broad Crag


Best Route to Scafell Pike - Resilience in the mountains

During recent months we’ve had the pleasure of helping many people to safely reach the summit of Scafell Pike. Each journey is different. People choose this mountain for all sorts of reasons and many will have personal goals.

Thanks to all who have joined us on these days out. We appreciate you putting trust in us and sincerely hope we exceed your expectations.

In this blog entry I’m going to focus on yesterdays outing with Ian from Dorset. I think it was over a year ago when Ian first contacted us. Unfortunately, ill health meant the date he had originally planned could not be made. We postponed, Ian thankfully recovered, and yesterday we met.

We offer guidance and advice to all our customers about how to prepare and what to bring on day walks. We did this with Ian too, including a discussion over the telephone. I think he would agree he arrived very well prepared and kitted out, maybe even over prepared. I could sense a good level of determination from Ian.

We set off from The Old Dungeon Ghyll well before 9am. However, our initial walking pace was slow, too slow. By the time we reached the bottom of Stake Pass I was becoming concerned and started to formulate alternative route plans to propose to Ian. As the terrain steeped on our to Angle Tarn, so the pace slowed some more. It was time to take some action.

I drew attention to our slow pace and hinted that we would not make Scafell Pike unless we changed speed, giving the alternative of other much closer summits. The quick response was, ‘well we can speed up then’! Oh okay. Ian now led the way, setting a blistering pace that was at times a struggle to keep up with.

I thought this may last for 10 minutes, 20 at most. But no, this pace remained the same until almost at the summit of Ill Crag. Impressive, I’d say. I was quite astonished.

The extremely rough and bouldery terrain over the summits slowed us a little and understandably so. But the determination in Ian’s eyes made it clear we were good for the summit of The Big Hill. We shuck hands at the summit, then enjoyed a well earned rest for some lunch. The views amazing as ever.

To return to Langdale we would retrace our steps via Esk Hause and Angle Tarn before dropping down to Mickleden. The pace was equally rapid but at the same time more amenable due to us descending. Occasionally pausing to take a photo or just check out the view.

The heat of the day did start to wear us down, but only once safely into Mickleden. The pace slowed once more, but it no longer mattered, we were now on the home run and it was time to drink in the mountain views. I went on ahead a little to allow Ian the peace of being alone in such a staggeringly beautiful place.

When we had set off from The Old Dungeon Ghyll that morning I didn’t rate our chances too highly. I’m so very happy to have been proved wrong.

I won’t go into detail here, but in recent times Ian has suffered with some very serious, life threatening health conditions. This all makes his achievement all the more impressive. Stats for the day are: 19km and over 1100m of ascent in 7 hours & 28 minutes. And this is over some of the roughest terrain in England.

Inspiring? Most definitely.

Let’s all be more Ian 🙂

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Dear Mark,
Thank you again for your great help.
I wonder if you might add the following at the end of your blog, please?
Ian writes: “I am very grateful for Mark's expert guidance and encouragement which was absolutely necessary and which I thoroughly recommend. As it was such a hot day and I am currently on a ketogenic diet, drinking four litres of water with salts also helped me keep going. Above all I thank God who through our Lord Jesus Christ miraculously sustained me in answer to the prayers of dear family and friends. If you are interested, here is a link to a message I wrote which gives the secret of my life -”
Thank you!
May God bless you always.
With kindest regards,



Best Route to Scafell Pike - Ian making his way back up Broad Crag after a successful ascent



Best Route to Scafell Pike - summit views to Scafell

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