Beyond Scafell


Blencathra and Skiddaw seen from High Rigg summit

It's been a while since our last blog post. That's mostly because we've been incredibly busy and there hasn't been a spare moment to write! So a big thanks to all who have joined us on guided walks, rock climbing, abseiling, gorge scrambling and more.
This afternoon we were out with a family fro Reading. They are with us for a couple of days and today was the 'warm-up'.

From St. John's in the Vale we walked up to High Rigg for outstanding views over to Blancathra, Skiddaw, and tomorrows objective, Helvellyn. Not another sole on or around the summit and only a couple of folk out in the surrounding valleys, made for a very peaceful walk.
Something very refreshing I noticed this afternoon, all 3 teenagers were chatting away happily and not glued to their mobile phones. Nowadays this is a rare sight, but a good sight. The conversation was continually intelligent too.

I think High Rigg provided the perfect start for a weekend of walking. We enjoyed glorious weather too, I think tomorrow may be a little bit damper!!!!

For anyone considering doing some walking in the area, guided or not, we are happy to give advice about routes and weather. Please get in touch anytime.


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