Challenges, Experiences and Adventures for 2017!                                                Have you planned yours?

January, the start of a new year and the time when we start to think about the year ahead and ways to improve the quality of our life.   To many people this is about booking holidays, moving house or going shopping in the sales for beautiful new clothes. To others it involves ways of getting fitter or losing weight by taking out gym membership or running regularly in the 5k park runs that are held every Saturday all over the UK. But what about enriching your life by giving yourself a challenge or experiencing something totally new, maybe something that you thought only other people did, not you!

I live by the idea that to have extra quality of life you need to fill it full of new experiences, challenges and adventures, ones that will live with you forever and that you may find yourself repeatedly telling others about time after time!  Achieving something when you've had to put in great effort is rewarding; it makes you feel good about yourself and it helps strengthen your character.


Experiencing a great day out on Scafell Pike!

Which Challenge or Experience for me?
The outdoor environment is full of ways to gain rich experiences and challenges and there’s sure to be one for you.  Big or small, on your own or with a group of friends, there are hundreds out there you just need to decide which.

Here’s a few suggestions that you can do with us at Climb Scafell:

  • A family walk up Scafell Pike from Wasdale
  • Scrambling along a rocky ridge to reach the summit of a mountain i.e. Striding Edge and Helvellyn
  • Moonlit walk up Scafell Pike.
  • Early morning walk to the summit of Helvellyn to watch the sun rise;
  • Walk around the Ennerdale Horseshoe with a night's accommodation at the remote Black Sail hut (YHA).
  • Fell run around the Langdale Horseshoe (14 miles and 4 peaks)
  • Trail running week around the Lakeland fells
  • Walk around the Bob Graham round over 5 days. (42 peaks, 66 miles)
  • The National Three Peaks challenge in 24 hours (Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike & Snowdon)
  • Walk the National Three Peaks over 3 days (Ben Nevis, Scafell PIke & Snowdon)
  • Lakeland 3000 Challenge (3 peaks over 2 days)
  • Lakes (Langdale) 4 Peaks Challenge (1 day)
  • Work your way through the Lake District Wainwrights (214 fells)

Of course challenges vary hugely in length and difficulty.  What is a hard challenge to one person is easy for another. As time goes by the challenges we see people doing are getting bigger and bigger.   For example, earlier this year a fell-runner called Nicky Spinks completed the incredible feat of doing a double Bob Graham round in 45 hours and 30 minutes.  One round (42 peaks, 66 miles in 24 hours) is for most fell-runners a huge challenge but to do two, back to back, is something most people can’t even comprehend!

A challenge should be something that is difficult to achieve, something that takes us out of our comfort zone and we are all on different levels.  If you have never climbed a mountain before then climbing to the summit of Scafell Pike will be a big challenge but if you have walked in the mountains for years then push yourself for something bigger – maybe going for a challenge including several mountains or over several days…the skies the limit!


A day for memories - Striding Edge and Helvellyn!

5 ways to a successful challenge: 

  • PLAN - Which one? How big a challenge? When?  Who with?  Do we need a guide?
  • TRAIN - If you put in the time beforehand and train the challenge will be much more enjoyable and achievable.
  • PREPARE - Transport?  Logistics?  Accommodation?  Which equipment and clothing do I need? 
  • COMPLETE - Your training & preparation should all pay off.  Add bucket loads of stamina & determination, & enjoy!
  • CELEBRATE! - Give yourself time to relax afterwards, a big pat on the back and celebrate your achievement.

For help and advice on planning and for booking a guide for a memorable and successful time out in the mountains please contact Mark and Kate at Climb Scafell.



Sunset from summit of Dow Crag, looking over the southern fells to Morecambe Bay.

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