A Sunny day on The Corridor Route to Scafell Pike


The Corridor Route to Scafell Pike

The Corridor Route to Scafell Pike

Yesterday we had the pleasure of walking with Ruth & Kate who had been keen to reach the summit of Scafell Pike for quite some time. So this was a big day. And what a glorious day it was too, with warm sunshine and far reaching views the whole time. I actually got a bit of sunburn!!

We set off from Seathwaite and followed Styhead Ghyll up to the tarn and here we joined the Corridor Route. Already we could enjoy excellent views of the summit, and many other summits besides.
The slightly technical terrain on the Corridor Route adds to the interest underfoot, it's always worth taking ones time here as it is rocky and in places there are steep drops nearby.
We then elected to follow a slightly steeper and less traveled route up to the summit, so veered off the Corridor route soon after the technical section.

The summit was quite busy, fair enough given the glorious weather of the day. It was warm enough to sit and enjoy lunch without the need of a jacket.
We descended via Broad Crag and Ill Crag before dropping down to Esk Hause and Ruddy Ghyll.
Apart from the summit, the mountain felt quiet today, maybe most folk had ascended from Wasdale.

A grand day out, tired legs all round, and most importantly, plenty of happy smiles 🙂

Big thanks to Ruth & Kate for their great company all day.

For more information about The Corridor Route click here



High above the Corridor Route and almost at the summit - The Corridor Route to Scafell Pike


Looking back to the summit of Scafell Pike from Broad Crag

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