A diversion onto Helvellyn from Swirls – A great alternative to the ‘big hill’


Looking down to Thirlmere on our way to the summit - Helvellyn from Swirls

Helvellyn from Swirls

With a wet and windy forecast for the Western Lakes and the Scafell range in particular, we made a last minute change of plan yesterday and instead of the planned Scafell Pike walk, we aimed towards Helvellyn. This was to prove a good idea as we missed almost all of the rain and walked up in the shelter of Helvellyn, so almost wind free too.

With a strong Easterly wind forecast, we opted for the Swirls route to the summit. Quite a few other walkers had the same idea, although the route didn't feel busy.
For Natalie, James, Amelia, and Matt this was to be their first proper mountain, so a big day. With a steady pace the summit was reached in good time and I think even a small bottle of Prosecco may have been opened to celebrate 🙂

A chilly breeze cooled us whilst on the summit, so after a rest and some time to soak in t he views we began our descent back to Swirls. Wonderful views of Thirlmere keeping us company the whole time.

We had already noticed the menacing clouds gathered over the Western mountains, and from about half way down we too felt the splashes of rain on us. Thankfully we missed anything heavy and the ground hardly got wet.

A few aching muscles now I think, but a big achievement all round. Thanks to the Marsh family.

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Cruising up the steep section on the Swirls path - Helvellyn from Swirls


Looking to Nethermost Pike from Helvellyn summit

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