Lake District Sunrise Walks – Red Screes is perfectly positioned for an early morning blast


Red Screes summit  - Lake District Sunrise Walks

Lake District Sunrise Walks - Red Screes

It's been a very busy year so far, hence not so many blog updates. We've been on Scafell Pike and many other Lakeland mountains a lot this season, showing many lovely people these fine mountains. Thank you all 🙂

A couple of weeks ago I was due to take a family to the summit of Scafell Pike so they could enjoy the sunrise from a mountain top. Weather conditions were not looking perfect for us, so we diverted to a smaller but still significant summit in the hope that staying slightly lower and further east there was a higher chance of some clearer skies.

So we set off from Kirkstone Pass for the summit of Red Screes at around 3am. Sadly the clouds didn't part, but seeing the bright lights of Windermere and the coast in the distance was some consolation. A big achievement was felt by all at the summit. All now also thankful that daylight had arrived and we could actually see the path and where to put our feet.

A leisurely stroll back to Kirkstone with much chatter about how big breakfast was going to be and who was in charge of cooking it, all good fun 🙂
Big thanks to the Given family for being such great company. I hope to see you again sometime.

If wanting a guided walk onto Scafell Pike or any other Lakeland mountain, we can help and would be delighted to do so. We offer lots of other mountain based activities, check it all out here or call / e-mail anytime



Head torches on for our very early morning ascent - Lake District Sunrise Walks

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