Langdale Pikes – Guided walking

After a weekend filled with multi-activity work for Mountain Journeys and other local guiding companies, it made a nice change to out walking again.

Working for Highpoint Mountain Guides today, we guided Sue & Steve over Harrison Stickle.

Somewhere in the region of 40 years previous, Sue had walked as far as Stickle Tarn, admired the beautiful views from there but alas had not ventured further. Today was all about changing that.

Stickle Tarn was gained easily and a sheltered place found to enjoy a rest before tackling the steep ascent onto the summits. Sue was apprehensive as to what lay ahead. Taking the next section of the route at a steady pace allowed Sue to become accustomed to her surroundings and begin to enjoy the ascent once again.

It wasn't long before we had the summit in sight. Standing on Harrison Stickle and seeing Sue's face light up with happiness was definitely the high point of the day for me. Without doubt, the best part of our job is bringing enjoyment and happiness to others.

After taking in the great views in all directions, we began our descent via Thorn crag and back to the New Dungeon Ghyll.

The weather was very kind to us all day, clear and cold, but not a hint of rain.

A special thanks to Sam who came along on todays walk and was a great help. Sam is in the final stages of preparing for his Mountain Leader assessment, so keen to log a few extra guiding days in a variety of terrain. His level of skill and professionalism is already showing through and no doubt he'll cruise through the award.

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