Learn to Lead Course: 25th July 2014


Kim, a good friend from Bristol is visiting and her friend Kevin also just for the day. Kevin was keen to progress to lead climbing, having seconded loads of routes and a holder of the CWA award.

So after a chat about crag and route options, Kevin chose a single pitch crag, Long Scar. An ideal place to start with a wide variety of climbs on excellent rock.

Kim is an experienced climber and instructor so she talked Kevin through placements whilst I set up a static line. Once in place it was time for Kevin to rack up and take to the rock.

He cruised up a diff and 2 vdiff''s whilst I provided input on movement strategy and protection options. At the top of each route we discussed anchors for making a belay and safety at the top of the crag.

The day was finished with a fine lead of a Hard Severe by Kim.


Looking for a cam placement on steeper ground

Thanks both for a nice day out in the sun.

Learning to lead climb - wire placements

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