Merino Wool Buff

Having been a fan of buffs for many years I was excited to recently be offered a merino wool buff from KitShack for me to review.  An offer that  I couldn't refuse!

A Buff is a multi-functional piece headwear made from a seamless tube of stretchy fabric which is lightweight to wear on the head or around the neck in a variety of ways, all year round. They've been around a quite a few years with a number of designs available making them suitable for everyone including one for dogs!

Living in the Lake District and spending much of my time outside working, climbing, walking or fell-running, whatever the weather, I find the buff is probably my most used accessory.  It is versatile, lightweight and compact so I rarely go outdoors without one either on my head, around my neck or at the ready in my rucksack or bum bag.  I have had several over the years including the Original, the slim fit and a fleece buff.  Even my dog Don has one and is quite content wearing it!

They come in many colours and designs and I chose one in a patterned orange colour, different from the usual pinks and blues which I wear but it is really lovely to have a change.  I have found the merino wool is lovely and soft and non-itchy.  It is slightly longer than the original buffs and feels a little roomier which can add to the warmth on cold days.   As I have a fairly small head I was concerned that it would slip off easily but this hasn’t been a problem and it has felt secure on my head, even when running. 

My Uses:
1) Headband. For walking and running it keeps my ears and head warm.   It’s great for fell or trail races when you need to keep your bumbag or rucksack as light as possible as it can be used as a hat too.  When running in the summer I get pretty warm and have found that putting a cold, wet buff on my head is a super way to cool the body temperature down quickly.  Merino wool has the added benefit of being fast drying.  If I don’t want it on my head any longer I can easily put it around my wrist rather than stopping to put it in my bag
2) Hairband.  I find it extremely useful for keeping my long hair out of my eyes especially when windy and I’ve not had any problems with it slipping off, even when running. 

3) Neck warmer.  For me a buff is preferable to a scarf – I love its simplicity and it’s so quick to pull over your head, plus its super comfortable.

4) Balaclava.  When very cold I like to use it under my woolly hat for extra warmth to my face and neck and I often wear it under my climbing helmet – it fits really well and gives that extra warmth when it’s cold at the crags!  And if the midges are about then I’ll pull it up around my face too!

I was worried that the merino wool buff would not be suitable in warmer weather but I have worn it many times over the past few weeks whilst I have been in Spain, walking, climbing and running in the Costa Blanca mountains.  It has been comfortable even in the warm winter sunshine and I’ve found in addition its helpful at keeping the sun off my head.  

I would recommend the merino wool buff as a ‘must have’ for anyone who works or plays in the outdoors.  For more information see

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