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Nights on Scafell Pike - Crossing Lingmell Beck in spate


Nights on Scafell Pike - here's what it sometimes looks like

On Friday evening we were contacted by a group of guys who were already heading up to Fort William to begin their 3 Peaks Challenge. Having seen the poor weather forecast, they decided to take the sensible precaution of hiring professional guides for the night time ascent of Scafell Pike.

This is a notoriously difficult mountain to navigate and many people do take wrong turns. This can lead to all sorts of consequences from very minor to dangerous. Thankfully, most walkers do manage to return safely and to their intended location. Throw in some darkness, heavy rain and thick mist and the chances of a straightforward ascent for anyone not highly competent at mountain navigation falls dramatically.

That's where we come in. As well as being well trained and practiced in the use of map & compass, all our guides are very familiar with the Scafell range, and in particular, the Wasdale route during the hours of darkness. Meaning we can keep participants on track and be efficient at it. All going to help you achieve whatever goal you have in mind.

Back to Saturday night. Our guides Richie and Jim, headed over to Wasdale Head in some pretty dire conditions, with heavy rain the order of the night! Meeting up with the team and setting off around 10.45pm. Good progress was made with a total time of only about 4 hours. Given the wickedly heavy and persistent rain, this was a sterling effort by all. Thankfully the wind speed was low, although mist prevailed. No views over to the Isle of Man that night. But some brilliant teamwork and team spirit.

If you're starting to consider planning a 3 Peaks Challenge for the 2024 season, please do get in touch. We'd be delighted to help and can provide a quality guiding service for Scafell Pike, this is the one most complete during the hours of darkness, so if you're planning on having any guides at all, think Scafell Pike.

If wanting to keep up to date with the latest weather for each of these mountains, we recommend using the MWIS site

Big thanks to Richie and Jim for keeping the team safe on Saturday night.



Nights on Scafell Pike - What a 3 peaks challenge often looks like!

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