Scafell Pike & a tour of the Langdales

Two walks to the Scafells for Kate this week.
On Monday with two couples staying near Langdale, so a route from that valley was taken. However, hurricane Bertha had other plans for the day! Very high winds put a stop to going too high and at Angle Tarn a decision was made to change the route to fit in with the weather.

A mountain day was still achieved, with the Langdale Pikes proving to be a weather beater for the day.

Sometimes the weather dictates what we do and where we go. Keeping safe is always a priority and thankfully we were able to do that and summit some great mountains.

On Tuesday the skies were looking marginally better. Kate set off again from Langdale heading for Scafell Pike. This time with more success. A long day out was had and some tired people this evening, but the summit was ticked, the highest peak in all of England.

9.5 hours is a long time to be out in the mountains, but after a cup of tea and good rest, the muscles recover, the memories will last for many years.

Good effort Kate.

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