Scafell Pike – double bill

Guided walks to Scafell Pike

Summit area of Scafell Pike

Yesterday we had the pleasure of introducing Jesse and Nadine to the Lake District mountains, and in particular, Scafell Pike.
The weather had started grey and misty, but dry. Good walking conditions now that temperatures had dropped a little. There were many walkers out enjoying the mountain, so in order to escape the crowds, we veered off towards the narrow saddle of Mickledore. This track stays close to the impressive crags of Scafell, adding drama to the day in the form of huge cliffs. The ascent to Mickledore is steep, and at times loose, so care is required. The rewards are worth it though. A little while before arriving at Mickledore the thick mist rose and the clouds parted in dramatic fashion to reveal the wider mountain landscape all around us.

Our route remainder quite all the way to the summit of Scafell Pike. After a leisurely lunch stop here, we began the descent via Lingmell Col and into Hollowstones. 

As the photos show, conditions and views were about as good as it's possible to have, what a treat. It was an absolute must to stop for lots of photos, so rare are these conditions.

Thanks to Jesse & Nadine, hope to see you again soon.

After a pit-stop at the Wasdale Head Inn, I was back at the base of Scafell Pike and preparing to meet a 3 Peaks challenge team on behalf of Fitways Adventure. A 40 strong group and their guides had made fantastic progress on Ben Nevis, all achieving sub-5 hour times on the Ben. My group began well, then got even better and finally managed a time of 3 hours 20 minutes, fantastic.
Thanks to Simon and Nick for this one.


Guided walks to Scafell Pike via Mickledore

Walking towards Mickledore

Mickledore to Scafell Pike walks

Nadine & Jesse in the narrow section of Mickledore

Navigation courses in the Lake District

Mist clings to Scafell, covering the East Buttress

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