Scafell Pike from Wasdale – Autumnal magic on Scafell Pike


Just wow! - Scafell Pike from Wasdale

Scafell Pike from Wasdale

As I drove over to Wasdale Head from Ambleside the rain lashed down all around, the rivers were in spate and the roads glistening with water. The cloud level was very low and all the ingredients were here for a properly damp day in the mountains.

Today I was meeting father and son Dan & Alfie who were super keen for a mountain adventure on Scafell Pike. They had camped at Wasdale the previous night and heard the rain for much of the night. Oh dear, it's going to be a wet one.
But as we set off towards Brown Tongue, the rain abated, the air was still and the clouds began to part.

For the following couple of hours we were treated to some of the finest conditions I have ever experienced on Scafell Pike. Thick cloud would blow across Mickledore from Eskdale, smothering the crags of Scafell to create wonderfully atmospheric conditions that are a delight and privilege to see.

Eventually we did become enveloped in the thick cloud and views disappeared, but no matter, we'd had our fill. Descending from the rocky summit of Scafell Pike, a lone walker approached and looking beyond him I noticed that once more the mountains were peeking out of the clouds, the view was beautiful. Not that any of us needed it, but this was an uplifting experience.

We cruised down the mountain, chatting about the landscape, flora and fauna, and erosion control as we went. For the last half an hour or so it rained on us, but even this wasn't heavy. Once back in the car and heading home the rain returned more forcefully and didn't stop all day/night.

A good luck day for sure. And one spent with two very uplifting and positive people, Alfie I'm sure you'll go on to do great things with your life. Thanks both for the good company.

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Views from the summit plateau - Scafell Pike from Wasdale

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