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Scafell Pike Guide - Ascending to Mickledore

Scafell Pike Guide

There are all sorts of reasons why people might choice to hire a guide for ascending Scafell Pike. The most common is for navigational help.
Knowing the mountain as well as we do and being experienced navigators, we can certain offer this. We can also take you off the beaten track, should you wish to explore the quieter parts of the mountain. When seeing off from Wasdale Head, many choose to stay on the path to Lingmell Col to reach the summit and that's all fine of course. But we can show you so much more.
By deviating from this route we can follow a lesser known path under the dramatic crags of Scafell to reach the impressive col of Mickledore. This route is marginally more challenging, but so much more rewarding. On a misty day it is one of the most atmospheric places I have ever been to. Clouds swirls across the cliff faces and consuming the deep gullies between the cliffs, it's amazing.

Or it may be that Scafell Pike is shrouded in thick mist and you're really wanting a summit view. So we can deviate over to neighbouring Lingmell. This is a slightly smaller summit within the Scafell range and is very often cloud free. A visit to this one also makes for a nice circular walk via the broad and grassy ridge of Lingmell.

But maybe the summit view doesn't bother you, it's the summit tick that's important. We understand this too. When in thick mist, the summit of Scafell Pike can be a confusing place and reaching the top is only far the job. Knowing the way down is even more important. Our guides are with you every step of the way and know the mountain incredibly well. This takes away any worry about route finding no matter what the weather is doing.

Add to this the facts, features, and anecdotes we will retell along the way and all in all the benefits of a guide start to become clear. For many people we aren't an essential, but we can always add positively to a mountain day. Oh, and we always carry essential safety equipment 🙂

For more information about the routes leading to Scafell Pike check out this link

If set on going it without a guide, we strongly recommend checking the mountain weather forecast in advance of your walk

Thanks for reading. Do get in touch if we can be of any help.



Scafell Pike Guide - Off the beaten path on the Scafell range


Scafell Pike Guide - Thick mist on Scafell Pike from Lingmell

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