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Scafell Pike Guides

It's been a busy time here at Climb Scafell and a real mixed bag of weather to go with it. From shorts & t-shirt sunbathing on the summit, to full winter kit and minus 15C in the wind and all sorts in-between. Keeps us on our toes that's for sure.

Many of the people we've been with recently have been well able to get themselves up and down the mountain without a guide, but all benefitted from having a guide on hand. Why?

Why hire a guide?
Well, the list is pretty long. Here are a few reasons:
1) we can advise on route choice in advance of your visit. Each route is quite different and depending on where you wish to start from may influence where you choose to stay and keep drive times to a minimum for you.

2) We will take care of all the navigation. On a clear day, navigating is fairly straightforward. But clear conditions can and do change very rapidly with mist and cloud covering the mountain down to a low level. This does happen without warning. When covered in mist, the Scafell range is a place where efficient navigation is required in order to stay safe. Don't take our word for it, have a look at the call-out list from Wasdale Mountain Rescue team

3) Sometimes, due to weather conditions or fitness, it may be sensible and more enjoyable to divert to a nearby mountain instead. Never a decision we would take lightly and always something that would be discussed with participants on a walk. There are times when summiting Lingmell or Great Gable will be a far nicer experience. Being able to read into the mountain weather reports and our 15 years experience on the mountain help us make these decisions.

4) A guide will always carry essential safety equipment including a storm shelter and 1st aid kit. We also always carry a map and compass.

5) For anyone new to the area or the mountains in general, there is so much we can show you. A knowledgable guide will be able to show you points of interest, have a few mountain stories to share, and identify local wildlife and flora.

Okay, so these are a few of the pros of hiring a guide. Are there any downsides?
There is a cost involved ie we need paying. Thankfully our daily rate is reasonable - well we think so anyway. About the same amount as the taxi ride from Seathaite to Wasdale.

We aren't due back on Scafell Pike for a few days now. As it's Easter hols we are mostly running Family Adventure Days in the valleys. Rock climbing, Abseiling, Scrambling and the like.

If you're planning to visit Scafell Pike or any other Lakeland mountains and would prefer to have a guide. Please do get in touch, we'd be very happy to help.

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Summit of Scafell Pike


High above the Corridor Route with a sunny Lingmell behind us - Scafell Pike Guides

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