Scafell Pike – Winter and Spring inside a week

Scafell Pike guided walk from Langdale with snow on the summits

Patricia and Tom heading down from the summit, on the path near Great End.

The Langdale pikes and Mickleden on a guided walk up Scafell Pike.

The Langdale Pikes bathed in sun which returned once we were back in Mickelden.

 I was on Scafell Pike twice last week and two very different days they were! 

Tuesday was a guided walk with Patricia and Tom using the Langdale route.  There was a decidedly wintery feel to the day.  After a week or so of the snow thawing in the fells leaving only pockets in the gullies and colder places, just a couple of hours of snow showers left us walking in a good two inches of fresh soft snow.  Fortunately it didn’t hinder us much with both Patricia and Tom being fast and nimble on their feet.  In fact it was a PB for me guiding clients on this route in a time of 6 hours and 15 minutes (including a good lunch break on the summit!) – over 12 miles in distance and 990m ascent.  Even though it is a linear route – the views are so different on the return route and it really doesn’t feel as though you’d only passed along the same path a short time earlier. The views of the Langdale Pikes are especially spectacular on this route even more so on this walk as the sun came out for our return down Mickleden.

Scafell Pike summit

Scafell Pike summit photo (Chloe, James, Anthony, Lucy and Kate)!

Scafell Pike - walking through Hollowstones.

Chloe, James, Lucy and Anthony on the path through Hollowstones with Scafell Pike and Scafell behind.

Then on Saturday I guided Anthony, Lucy, James and Chloe up Scafell Pike from Wasdale and it felt like Spring had returned.  The freshly fallen snow from Tuesday had vanished, leaving only lingering pockets near the summit.  With a reasonable forecast and it being a Saturday, it was a busy day with many families making the most of a dry day on the fells during the Easter holidays.  The river crossing was in full flow after heavy rain the day before and we crossed with caution – a few wet feet were necessary – before continuing up the path beside Brown Tongue to Hollow Stones.  This group of friends were in training for a trip to do high level trekking in the Himalayas and had walked up Snowdon the day before.  Even with tired legs they made easy work of the walk and we were up and down in just over 4 hours, including a stop for lunch on the summit! 

Thank you Patricia, Tom, Anthony, Lucy, James and Chloe for two great days out on the highest mountain in England.


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