The beginnings of winter!


Winter makes an early call to Scafell Pike!

Last weekend Mother and Daughter team Jill & Rebecca joined us for a day walk up Scafell Pike. As I am currently working out in Spain and Kate is busy running the B&B it was Kristina who provided the guiding on the day. We work closely with a small number of locally based guides who are a huge help to us during the busier periods.

The forecast for the weekend was quite reasonable for the time of year. This means probably a bit wet, chilly, and breezy. What is more unusual is for snow to be falling, but on the higher ground it was, and lots of it. But with the right equipment this doesn't need to stop the fun, more likely it adds to it, certainly adds to the challenge and sense of achievement.

Starting from Wasdale, the route is relatively short, which is good for this time of year. There are numerous route choices even from Wasdale, on this occasion the Lingmell Col route was taken. Good quality footwear meant the snow didn't interfere and just a little extra care was required with the slippery conditions underfoot. With Kristina leading the way and keeping the pace just right, Jill and Rebecca were able to relax and enjoy the mountain experience without any worries.
A major benefit to walking in the mountains at this time of year is the relative quietness, throw in some snow and things get even more quiet. That's good all round right 🙂

Thanks to Jill and Rebecca for choosing us for their guided day in the mountains and to Kristina for looking after all on the day.



Not quite the conditions we had expected, but fun and challenging all the same

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