The Corridor route to Scafell Pike

Great Gable from near the summit of Scafell Pike

Looking over to Great Gable from near the summit of Scafell Pike

Both me & Kate have been on the Scafells this week.
I was joined by Davinia & Gary from Kent, they had chosen to walk from Borrowdale. We walked to Styhead tarn and joined the Corridor route to Lingmell Col. Our route had been very quiet until now, but we were joined by many others for the final ascent to the summit.

Weather conditions couldn't have been better. A light breeze to help keep us cool, plenty of sunshine, the whole of the Lake District on view, plenty of fresh stream water flowing after a huge amount of rain earlier in the week.

We spent time checking out a few interesting plants on the way up. The RAF treated us to a few fly-bys overhead whilst high around Broad crag.

Lots of good chat and stories, and all in all a cracking mountain day out.

Thanks both.


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