The Corridor Route to Scafell Pike


Scafell Pike summit

Today we had two teams out enjoying the glorious weather conditions on Scafell Pike. Richie accompanied the Hanson's via the Mickledore route from Wasdale Head. Veering off right to Mickledore during the ascent enables a circular route to be enjoyed with a return via Lingmell Col.

I was with Steven and his pals and we started in Seathwaite, deep in the Borrowdale valley. This is a longer route and will typically take around 7 - 8 hours. Not today with the speed machines though! 5 hours 15 minutes for a round trip including ticking the summits of Broad Crag and Ill Crag, as well as Scafell Pike, of course.
We followed the Corridor Route to the summit and enjoyed perfect conditions the whole way, with a light breeze to cool us, and clear skies. The route was busier than usual for a weekday, but given the wonderful weather it's to be expected. Good to see plenty folk out in the mountains too. Also lots of footpath maintenance going on today, also good to see.

After a leisurely lunch and a few photos on the summit, from where we could see Scotland, the Isle of Man, and Yorkshire today, we descended back to the valley via the other Scafell giants.

A simply magnificent day, spent with lovely people amongst the finest scenery in the UK.


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