The Corridor Route to Scafell Pike

Today we welcomed back sisters Amy & Nikky. Last summer they attempted Scafell Pike from Langdale, but alas a pair of boots fell apart not long after leaving the valley and it was decided to abort the summit attempt at that point.

So this was unfinished business, determination levels were high and fundraising has been done to the tune of over £1000

This time we began at Seathwaite in Borrowdale. Following the Corridor route after Styhead Tarn, we made a slight short cut up to the col between Broad Crag and Scafell Pike, this bought us a little more time.

We arrived on a cloudy Scafell Pike summit around 3 hours after setting off, so pretty good going considering the strong headwinds we'd been having to deal with.
After a bite to eat and photo stop, we set off for Esk Hause and our return path to Seathwaite.

The rain stayed away for almost all of the day, just catching us for the final 20 minutes or so, quite a result as we'd been expecting rain from around lunchtime.

Views were also far better than expected, with clouds added to the sense of drama and occasionally breaking to allow breathtaking views, albeit short lived at times.

Don joined us today and of course loved every minute. So much to do and see for a sheep dog. Now he's flat out shattered and sleeping, ready for another day in his office tomorrow (Lingmoor).


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