The Wasdale route to Scafell Pike


Above Mickledore and almost at the summit

This time last week we were climbing on the dramatic crags of Scafell. Today we had the pleasure of walking under these beautiful rock faces whilst en-route to the summit of Scafell Pike.
I was with Sarah, Paul, and James who were keen to reach the summit of Scafell Pike, but didn't want the hassle of navigating their own route, so made the decision to hire us.

Having the services of a local Mountain Leader opens up so many more possibilities for walkers. And rather than sticking to the 'tourist' path to the summit, we diverted to Mickledore. This avoided the crowds, gave us solitude, and allowed us to be close to the mighty crags of Scafell and Pikes, awesome.
The scrambling at Mickledore added interest to our ascent and everyone seemed to enjoy this section. After a brief rest here, to enjoy the views into Upper Eskdale, we continued to the summit where we re-joined the masses.

Lunch at the top of England was a pleasure and leisurely affair, soaking up the views in all directions and a few clouds rolling in, the tell tale sign of a change in weather!!!

We descended via Lingmell Col and Hollow Stones, with only occasional rest stops, again to soak up the splendid views.

All too soon back in the Wasdale valley, but still great views up to Great Gable and over the lake.

All in all a lovely day out in the mountains.

Thanks to Sarah, Paul, and James.



En-route to Mickledore

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